Dear Customer

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its further spread is undoubtedly a threat to a sound global social and economic atmosphere. Following the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) declaration that COVID-19 is a pandemic, and the subsequent preventive measures communicated by the Republic of Uganda Ministry of Health, we share responsibility to prevent its further spread.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of our staff and customers, we have activated our business continuity policy, ensuring that your automotive needs are attended to during this cautious period. As part of the policy, we shall continue to serve all our customers in the following ways:

  • Booked in service: As is our practice, you are requested to adhere to our book- in procedure by contacting us either through telephone (+256 772 200012 or email so that a reservation can be made for your vehicle to be serviced or repaired. Through this we will be able to provide a safe schedule to attend to your requirement promptly.
  • Emergency service: Our emergency rescue services are open to areas around Kampala and Greater Kampala. You are encouraged to reach us on +256 772 200014 for quick advice and support through your situation.
  • Access to our head office: All our offices countrywide will remain open for business with a limited number of staff. We encourage all of you if you must visit, to cooperate with our preventive measures, they are meant to protect you and all those occupying our office.
  • Remote service: A select number of staff will be working from home during this period. We have activated secure remote access to the company database and operating systems to allow for a seamless e-service for all our staff. Therefore, please do not hesitate to reach out to your assigned contact staff through email and telephone calls.
  • E-meetings with our staff: To further ensure adherence to the 4-meter distancing measure, we encourage you to use any of the available electronic meeting platforms, i.e. mobile calls, Skype for Business and WhatsApp teleconferencing.
  • All staff work-related local and international travel is suspended. Therefore, we urge you to use the above platforms for communication and general motor consultations.
    Business Continuity Stay Safe of COVID- 19.
  • Payments: The Cash Office will remain open. We also encourage you to conveniently make payments through any of our bank accounts as listed below
    • Uganda Shillings: Stanbic Bank (903-000-5763737)
      • ABSA (600-3911-355)
      • NC Bank (3000149704)
    • United States Dollars: Stanbic Bank (903-000-8118921)
      • ABSA (600-3911-347)
      • NC Bank (3000149712)
  • Reach out to us through any of the contacts below for quick access to available staff:
    • For Sales and general inquiries: and
    • For service, repair, tyres and parts:
    • For Finance inquiries:
    • Call us or WhatsApp us on +256 772 200012

The business continuity procedures shared above will remain in force 27 th March 2020 until further notice. Kindly contact us should you require further clarification.

Once again, we are committed to be at your service through this period.